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Get to know our staff members

Our teachers understand the true impact they play on the students every day. Together with you, they can help ensure children prosper to their full potential.


Both individually and in group settings, our teachers work with students to make sure they are safe and happy.

Our Director

Lisa Geisler is our Preschool Director.  Lisa has an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelors Degree in Child Development as well as over fourteen years of experience in classroom managment and Early Childhood administration.  Lisa enjoys working with young children and believes in providing them with a high quality learning experience that will provide them a successful start in Kindergarten.

Exceptional care for your child

We provides the young children in our center with an excellent preschool experience.  We place children in classes based on thier developmental level and experiences so that we can ensure their start to Kindergarten be as successful as possible.


We aim to build children's social and emotional skills as well as teach them colors, shapes numbers and letter recognition all through a play-based approach to learning.

Our goal is to send children to Kindergarten as confident learners.

We hire well-qualified teachers that love what they do. Extensive background checks are always performed before hiring to ensure we provide the utmost safety.

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Highly skilled and licensed teachers

Ms. Kim Taylor Assistant Director (photo on left)


Ms. Sue Dyer-Director in Training

Ms. Amanda Taylor

Ms. Lena Puffinberger

Ms. Kisha Washington

Ms. Brittany Dyer

Ms. Kim Taylor

Ms. Britney Teafatiller

Ms. Diane Sirbaugh-Floater/Substitute

Ms. Amy Owens-Floater/Substitute


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